I feel the need to share my frustration with Yahoo and what they have done to their website that I have faithfully used since their beginning. To change the email system to this ever running linking of emails is confusing and hard. It makes it difficult to both find and work with the system. Sad to see a change that makes no sense. Not to mention that now when you try to view any and all news items on the site one is forced to view an advertisement. What happened to the freedom of the net? Sad just sad!

The latest insult on that front is the inability to reduce the volume until the ad is over……..

Cost of Food

We need to open our eyes to the cost of food in this country. Everything continues to climb in price on all most a monthly basis and there is no movement by we the people, to deal with this issue. Despite our government’s insistence that the cost of living has not dramatically changed the cost of feeding our families continues to outpace any stated inflammation data.  Hmmm, could it be that the lobby for the food speculators may have a role……. Wake up America…..

There needs to be a serious look at Wall Street and the cost and damage of food speculation to the populace. It is a safe bet to assume that a detailed investigation would show that the primary cause of the continued spiraling cost of food is not the farmers, producers or even the retailers but the greed and manipulation of the speculation markets. The challenge is to find a group to effectively lead that investigation and how to get it into the hands of the people.

Thunder Mouth


As I travel across the U.S. and talk to numerous people of all walks of life, I continue to fear the overwhelming greed that continues to grow across our society. Of most concern to all of us is what has happened to the free press. That key institution which safeguards the people. That press consisted of not just journalists but enlightened editors who did true fact checking as well as ensured the quality and consistency of the reporting. That traditional free press is now for the most part owned by the few and is controlled to the extent that the true needs of the day are but a mere mention. We are in a war and look at the volume of coverage. It almost does not exist. Who made that decision? Who controls this lack of news? That is a need we all must care about.

 Thunder Mouth

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